Wills and Probate/Lasting Powers of Attorney


Surprisingly 74% of the UK population does not have a Will. Without a Will, your estate (everything that you own at the time of your death) will NOT automatically go to your spouse, partner or the person you intend to inherit, leaving that person vulnerable.

Making a Will enables you to:

  • Decide who should receive your money, property and special belongings when you die,
  • Appoint the guardians of your choice to care for your children in the event that the other parent is unable to do so,
  • Incorporate your preferred funeral arrangements,
  • Have peace of mind, knowing that you have relieved your family of the burden of making decisions at a stressful time.

We particularly encourage property owners to make a Will. For most people your house is your biggest asset. It is important that those you want to inherit are protected.


We are also able to assist constructively and compassionately with the many legal and practical points issues which follow bereavement.  We can offer straightforward advice in relation to the obtaining of a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration or we can deal with a complete application for you.

Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) enables an individual to choose and appoint someone they trust as an 'attorney' to act and make decisions on their behalf on matters such as property and financial affairs or health and welfare. 

It cannot be used until it is registered with the Office of the Public Guardian - and a health and welfare LPA cannot be used until the person making the LPA becomes mentally incapable of making decisions about his/her own welfare.  Clearly neither can be made if the person making it has not the mental capacity to do so.

We are happy to prepare and register Lasting Powers of Attorney.  It is highly recommended that this be done well in advance of their need - whilst the maker still fit and healthy.  Apart from achieving the security of knowing that contingencies will be covered, the registration process can be lengthy.

We offer competitive rates, and are happy to discuss our fees with you. Please contact us for a FREE preliminary discussion of your requirements and to arrange an appointment.

Our Wills and Probate solicitors are:

Gerald Shamash, Email: gerald.shamash@steelandshamash.co.uk

Andrew Dowie, Email: andrew.dowie@steelandshamash.co.uk

For Lasting Powers of Attorney:

Andrew Dowie, Email: andrew.dowie@steelandshamash.co.uk