We act for tenants, homeless applicants and trespassers/squatters. 

We can help with a number of problems including the following:-

  • Possession or eviction proceedings brought by your landlord (who might be either a private landlord, a Housing Association/Trust or a Local Authority).
  • Claims or counterclaims for damages for disrepair, including getting injunctions requiring your landlord to carry out repairs
  • Mortgage repossession.
  • Squatter’s rights/adverse possession.
  • Homelessness applications, including reviews, appeals in the County Court and judicial review of Local Authority’s decisions.
  • Harassment and/or unlawful eviction by your landlord.
  • We also help those needing accommodation who are not entitled to apply for housing under the homelessness provisions of the Housing Act 1996 e.g. asylum seekers or those who cannot apply for housing because of their immigration status or for some other reason. However, these cases will be dealt with by our Community Care Team.
  • Allocation of social housing (if homeless)
  • Service Charge disputes

This firm has substantial experience in acting for clients in proceedings in the County Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and House of Lords

Free legal advice is available in some court proceedings and we will always advise you as to your eligibility for legal aid.  If in your particular circumstances Legal Aid is not available, or you choose to instruct us privately, we offer competitive rates, and are happy to discuss our likely fees with you.

Our Housing team is:

Ms Anna O’Connell, Email: anna.o'connell@steelandshamash.co.uk

Mr Chris Dykes, Email: chris.dykes@steelandshamash.co.uk